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New Verses, Nostalgic Tunes: Celebrating 5 Years of The Verb Hotel

Written by Karl Keasler

In 2014 the Verb Hotel opened its doors for the first time, bringing with it a revitalization of love for nostalgic music within the Fenway Area. Since 2014, the Verb has consistently improved and revitalized our unique vibe to not only bolster our guest-experience but also to continue to express the ideals of artistic counterculture. In short, each day at the Verb is the true Rockstar experience. As the Verb nears its 5th year anniversary, we here at Boston’s #1 rock-n-roll themed hotel look back on our location’s incredible development.


​There was a sense of taking up the mantle, so to speak, when considering the Verb Hotel’s history. There are, of course, the bones of our building; those of the original Fenway Motor Home founded in 1959 which eventually became a Howard Johnson’s, before finally transforming into our location today. In its decades as Fenway’s roadside hotel, our building saw an unimaginable number of wins and losses, decades of iconic moments and victorious teams, and we tried to capture the essence of that history when The Verb took over. 


Not only that, but the Verb is riddled with homages to Boston’s rocking locational predecessors: such as the Fenway/Kenmore prominent rock-club scene from the 70’s and 80’s. Such clubs including the Boston Tea Party, where bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Who performed before they hit their fame. Now, the Verb continues to express the power of music and artistry through hosting music videos, live performances and professional photography year-round both within our space and within our affiliated restaurant Hojoko right next door. Check out some our favorites, like Dionysia and Marcela Cruz, then find even more on our Insta!


​Guests can also spot extreme inspiration from the Boston Phoenix, the long run music publication that powered our music. Our artistic curator David Bieber's collection fills every crevasse of our hotel, showing rock icons both from Boston and worldwide.

​Finally, we cannot forget our famous Verb tour bus featured prominently just outside of the hotel, recently spotted along with the actors of the film Bohemian Rhapsody. 

​And, to take it back to day one, HERE are our developers Robin Brown and David Weiner back in 2014 expressing the vision and inspiration that allowed Samuels and Associates to create our prestigious hotel. As you can see, our commitment to the authentic rock & roll experience and also our iconic Fenway location's history have been in our hearts since day one. There’s no hotel like The Verb, and we hope it stays that way for years to come.  Wanna come and see what all the fuss is about? You can book reservations here, or by calling us at 617-516-4500. ​

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