Pac Man Table at Hojoko

The Japanese Rock 'n' Roll Izakaya Right On Site!

“Rumor has it that 'Hojoko" means 'The Spirit of Ho Jo'"

Hojoko is no joke-o! A Rock 'n' Roll Japanese Izakaya that has one of the BEST Wagyu burgers in town. Hojoko is the go-to place for a beer or sake after a long day, or to spend hours with friends, with reasonably priced food and drinks creating the perfect vibe for people of different ages and social backgrounds. From deliciously fresh sushi and sashimi to piping-hot ramen...Hojoko is guranteed to please!

Hojoko is the ULTIMATE hang for everyday people!  BONUS: Verb Hotel guests enjoy 10% off their food bill!



Tuesday-Saturday 5PM to 9PM


Using Caviar you can get Hojoko delivered.

Tuesday-Saturday 5PM to 9PM


Call: (617) 670-0507

or Book Online