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Offers Fit For Rockin'!

No "Cheap Trick" Here...Just Rockin' Deals!

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The LOVE Package

All You Need Is Love!

The Love Package includes chilled premium champagne, chocolate bon-bons, "mood lighting," and thousands of love songs to create your own vibe! 

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The Big Day


"The Big Day" Package 

"The Big Day" means something different for everyone: A birthday bash, an intimate wedding, or gearing up for the big game! Unwind with a selection of chilled Boston beers and enjoy all of your special moments, whatever they may's TBD!

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Basic B

The Basic B Package

Basic Doesn't Mean Boring!

The Basic B Package includes chilled hard seltzers and the wildly addictive SkinnyPop popcorn!'s all that you need!

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