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Fenway Ballpark Package

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd.  Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack...

Enjoy our Fenway Ballpark Package as a pre-game before you head over to America's Most Beloved Stadium! 

Package includes locally-sourced beer, peanuts, and always comes with some Verb swag! 

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All You Need is Love!

There's nowhere you can be, That isn't where you're meant to be. It's easy...

Book a romantic stay in one of our authentic, mid-century "retro-motel" guest rooms! Celebrate and have fun with awesome in-room amenities like a record turntable, Marshall amp, hundreds of vinyl records, and a wickedly fun romance set-up guaranteed to start your night off with a bang!

The rate includes chilled champagne, handcrafted artisinal "rock & roll" bon-bons, some curated "l-o-v-e" albums, mood lighting, and more! 

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